Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laura Boutiques

It is time for another launch of Boutique Hairbows for our 365 countdown! Here are a six Laura Boutiques- shop them on our website- only $10
Laura Pastel Chevron

Laura Paint Peace

Laura Rainbow

Laura Red Chevron

Laura Bright Chevron
Laura Pink Damask

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shabby Chic

Paisley just got her nails painted!!! She is soo happy today.
I love our shabby chic headbands! Great for infant- adult!! Take a look...lets see what you think

Paisley cracks me up. She couldn't pick just one!
Check the Shabby Chic Headband out online now

Monday, February 24, 2014

Booth Thoughts

Time is ticking... I need to start making some decisions about the Dallas Market booth. One Stop Bow Shop is redesigning and going to have a huge selection at market for customers to pick from...

I have been so distracted making all the hairbows I haven't made time to buy the furniture for it.

On my list to get:
foam wood floors
white cubbies (closet style)
curtain rods

I need to make a choice between a bench or two single seats

I did manage to find these cool hangers and buy them!

On Wednesday I will show you 6 more boutique hairbows! Laura Boutiques!! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Afternoon

I know your thinking it... How did the car show go? Well from a girls point of few they had cars.

So is Paisley a CAR girl? Or a TRUCK girl?

After being in what seemed like 20 or more vehicles I think it's safe to say Paisley is happier in a TRUCK.

I even did some shopping at the car show. I got my favorite scentsy smells

Saturday Blog

Every Saturday we go to the same breakfast place in Arlington. Every Saturday Michelle gives Paisley a handful of suckers.
Paisley is always excited to get them!

This morning Paisley woke up bright and early at 635- she says mommy wake up I want to get dressed and please braid my hair!

Sooo... Here is how she wanted it! 
And of course Paisley is into her TINY hairbows right now. This one is white glitter- super cute on!

We are now off to the car show...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fan Hairbows

Working on the updated booth hairbows! Putting the bows on strips to display all colors.
I got hot while doing this and told Ana that the large firecracker is also good for fanning yourself when you get too flushed!
Here are some of the bows that we have ready- more to come!!!

Paisley thought she would model her new outfit that daddy got her at Cracker Barrel 

Paisley wants to do my hair...
I want to do Paisley's hair...
Just for giggles I am going to post this photo... 
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A big order

At last market (Dallas Market) I got a huge order for boutiques. Here are the styles the customer picked:
Emma Shocking Chevron

Emma Yellow Chevron

Emma Purple Chevron

Emma Black Chevron

Jumbo Black Chevron Overlay

Jumbo Shocking Chevron Overlay

Jumbo Yellow Chevron Overlay

Jumbo Purple Chevron Overlay
Order up! Right before we packed it up to ship... Each peg is full of strips (now that's a lot of hairbows).

Remember that orders over $20 get free shipping in the USA